Friday, December 9, 2011

What I do.

I have been designing cars for about five years now along with logos, etc. I really love doing this work because it is one of the only things I can do by myself without any assistance from anyone.I can still stand, but I have no balance and cannot take steps. Without the help of my wonderful family to assist me to do other things like moving from my chair to the bed, I would be lost. Kathy,Val and Tim, I love and would be lost without you.I'm also an avid Oklahoma Sooner fan and have been one since 1965.I have been lucky to have been asked to design for Becca Gladden, Wally Cahill, Leilani Munter, Ricky Lee, Mike Corrado, Raisin Junior, Toni Lynn Starr,Armed Forces Racing, J.J. Yeley and Bobby Dale Earnhardt, the oldest grandson of 7 time Sprint Cup  Winston Cup Champion Dale Earnhardt.

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