Saturday, January 7, 2012


Up at 7:00 checking e-mail, twitter and face book, the friends help brighten what I know will be a day of trying to make ends meet because the Board of Veterans Appeals holds the key to my future. This happens daily and has for 8 years. I thank God for my family and the anti-depressants and pain meds that keep me in my wheel chair doing my designs and such. With out the previous mentioned 4 things life would not be much fun.

I know things could be much worse and I pray for those who are in much worse shape than I am.
If given the chance I am going to find ways to help people who suffer from illness and disease just like I promised the Lord I would. I am working now on a project to get hands free computer control equipment for paralyzed children and Vets.

Im putting some designs for sale because the Board of Vet. Appeals doesn't get in a hurry nor do they care if I loose everything. My art

Never say "Quit"

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  1. I think this is the greatest idea. You are such a great person. Hope I can get one of your designs. Will talk later about this. Joyce :)