Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nearing the end for me?

I was so proud 29 years ago when I became a U.S. Marine. Now that I am a quadriplegic from my service its amazing how they, the "@DeptVetAffairs" and "@DeptofDefense" just turn a blind eye and deaf ears to me?  I was told my condition was service related and approved until a V.A. Dr. Lied about my medical condition. "He will be sued"  The OKC V.A. even offered my daughter payment for taking care of me "Tax Free" we were told.  Now 4 years later we are told that she owes back taxes on that money? She gave up her career for me to keep me out of a nursing home, what a kick in the guts. What will become of us?....Would not claim #PTSD but over the 8 years my case has been in appeal,  the @DeptVetAffairs rating evaluation doctor and my @PVA1946 officer has made me sick with untruths and delays.